Why a Design Blog?


You’re welcome to my first blog post and I want to use it to tell the story of why I decided to start this as Ghanaian graphic designer. I’m not very much of a great writer so drop those marking schemes and let’s have a conversation. I’m not going to bore you with long posts so that you can always come here and read.

In 2011, I started designing. I had no idea where I was going to take it to but it felt pretty interesting to sit behind a PC and create something beautiful. A friend saw me design something on his laptop and totally concluded that I would make a great designer so I should give it a shot and I did just that.

In University, I worked on a couple of design projects for both students and corporate businesses and in the process, I kept learning new things via Google and Youtube. Fast forward to 2015, I met a group of artists in a WhatsApp group we now call the Artminded (one day i’m gonna tell a story of each and everyone of them in there). It consists of identity designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, 3D Artists and others. Joining this group gave me the opportunity to enjoy conversations around design and also share the works I do, take critiques from group members and go back and work on them and also take inspiration from the works other experienced designers put on there.

Long story short, I feel there is great potential in Ghana’s creative industry. There are a lot of amazing creatives who are doing ‘crazy’ stuff and no one is seeing or hearing about them. There is a huge gap in terms of experience. The upcoming ones are not able to learn from the experienced ones because some don’t even them. These are the questions I want to answer through this blog.

  • If I want to be a Graphic Designer in Ghana, how do I do it?
  • Which designers do I look up to for inspiration and design guidance in Ghana?
  • How do I convert design into a money-making venture for me?
  • What are some of the challenges I’ll encounter and how do I deal with them?

In summary, this blog is about creating conversations around design in Ghana. I’m going to share my experiences and what has kept me surviving in the industry and I’m going to share stories of other great creatives I know. So that together, we can document design in Ghana and give upcoming designers the opportunity to learn.

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