I Need A Logo

Client: Hello good afternoon.

Designer: Hi.

Client: Please I want a logo.

Designer: Oh ok. Let me send you my rate card. When you settle on the package, i’ll mail you a logo design questionnaire for you to fill or we can schedule a meeting where I can ask you questions.

Client: (wide eyes emoji) Ei for logo too? okay i’m waiting.

(Sends rate card)

Client: (10 wide eyed emojis) 1000cedis for just logo design? Please I just started oo. When we become a big business, then we can pay more.

Designer: (trick question) How much did you think it would cost?

Client: Like 100cedis.

Designer: I see. How long would you want to run your business?

Client: Lol funny question, for as long as I can of course.

Me: So you’re developing an identity for a business that could last about 10years and you want to pay 100cedis to develop the identity which is the face of the brand?

Developing an identity for your brand should be one of the most important things to do when starting a business. It should always be factored into startup cost. Most entrepreneurs in Ghana put together their startup cost, factor every other thing and leave out brand identity. As a brand identity designer in Ghana, I’ve realised that for most of my clients, it is not really their fault. They don’t really understand. As a designer, do your best to explain to potential clients why brand identity isn’t cheap and why it is a relevant part of starting your business.  Also, don’t limit your minds to logo only, think about the entire brand identity system. A brand identity system involves how to use your logo, the color palettes you use as a brand, choice of typography and other assets like letterheads, call cards and other brand stationery.

Remember, inasmuch as your brand identity is for you, it is also for your target clients. They should be able to relate to it. Don’t develop it with just you in mind. Identity designers are employed to develop it for this main reason. To be able to delve into the minds of your potential clients and develop what works for them, with you in mind – something that doesn’t only capture what you do but what you stand for as a brand.

Think of the logo questionnaire as an evaluation form for your business. Try and understand the questions and answer them like you were answering them for yourself. In the end, you’ll appreciate the identity the designer will create for you.

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